About Our Company

Our Focus At Universal Power Systems. DMCC

Our company is focusing on trading hydrocarbon products destined to meet end-consumers worldwide. The business will consist of the purchase of oil, natural gas and other such petrochemical and derivative of oil and natural gas product for the purpose of selling all said products to users requiring it.

Our Goals

The Company will focus on Oil and Gas commodities having most demand in the Industry. Trading on quarterly peaks due to seasonal behaviors and large cargo sizes of Oil and Gas transactions.

The Company is sizeable in the Turkish gas sector with approximately 5 bcm of gas a year. The Company has its
efficient marketing and sales activities targets to build up its own client portfolio by combining its internal consumption as well as with the demand from other end users. Accordingly, the Company expects to create a synergy for gas wholesale and retail business.

Delivering these trading opportunities the Company aims contributing to the values of the UAE DMCC such as putting an emphasis on mutual interests including resourcefulness, integrity, teamwork, respect, excellence and responsibility.

Our Experience

With more than 40 years of experience in our management and our international presence, our affiliations with renowned energy companies, our experience in supply chain logistics, and our complete commitment to excellent customer service, we can assure a successful transaction with complete visibility throughout from initiation to completion.
wind farm with sunrise

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