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Our company will trade hydrocarbons such as oil and natural gas including different refinements of such resource intopetroleum products e.g. Crude Oil, Gasoline, Fuel Oil, Gas Oil, LNG, LPG, Pyrolysis Gasoline Mono Ethylene Glycol, Urea, Naphtha, etc. (hereinafter simply referred as Oil and Gas). The Company will focus on Oil and Gas commodities having most demand in the Industry. Trading on quarterly peaks due to seasonal behaviors and large cargo sizes of Oil and Gas transactions.

Crude Oil


Fuel Oil

Gas Oil

Mono Ethylene Glycol

Pyrolysis Gasoline





Products & Services

Following ongoing business and projects’ developments as well as arising opportunities in the Oil and Gas sector, the Company would like to add the listed activities to its licenses. We are focused in creating a unique Gas & Oil Trading Platform to build up in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, so that we can secure our clear strength in the Middle East through and with successful transactions. Therefore, we work as importers, as well as exporters, of all petroleum products.

Industrial and Liquefied Natural Gas Trading

Activity No: 5141-06

Petrochemicals Trading

Activity No: 5149-42

Industrial Solvents Trading

Activity No: 5149-04

Crude Oil Trading Abroad

Activity No: 5141-09

Trading Refined Oil Products Abroad

Activity No: 5141-10

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